Tagliatelle comes from “tagliare” in Italian, “to cut”. Born in Emilia Romagna, they were invented by the Bolognese chef, Zefirano. The correct width of Tagliatelle is 6mm, and it is really curious to know that in Bologna Chamber of Commerce, a golden replica of a piece of tagliatelle is demonstrating the correct dimensions being preserved in a glass case. Nowadays, the precision of industrial machines makes it very easy to obtain the right dimension but also to create it in a large amount and in different variations.

Tagliatelle.obj is one of the pieces of the limited edition collection “Pasta Shootah” in 100 pieces. A decorative element that is the result of two infinite tagliatelle that roll up, uniting and separating, without interruption, giving life to a sort of bowl with very recognizable features, which is supported by the media of 3D printing. It is entirely made in 3D printing with PLA filament and gold painted.
The object is the result of an innovative digital methodology that results in a whole new way of understanding 3D modelling and digital production.
In particular, for the digital creation of this element 450 frames of simulation were required to be digitally cut and printed with a 0.6mm nozzle.

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Dimensions32 × 34 × 9 cm

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