PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) derived from Biological sources, Biodegradable

MACCHERONIx4.obj is an ornamental object that can be used as a vase since it has openings in which you can insert the flowers you like the most but, in general, any kind of thing that falls within the measures of the opening.
The shape of this object is inspired by the real creation of “maccheroni” made with artisan or industrial extrusion machines. In fact, when the dough for the pasta is extruded from the special templates, the “maccheroni” come out slowly bending slightly upwards, before being cut to give it its characteristic shape.
In the same way we can trace this vase back to that creation, where, thanks to a digital methodology, it was possible to recreate that same type of extrusion and then join four “maccheroni” together and give it stability and strength thanks to the solid 3D printing material.
An iconic object, which contains within it the history of a production process unknown to many, turning towards the future of creation and becoming a symbol of a nation, Italy, which must always look to the future and not close itself in its traditions.

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