S(h)elf Machine

How many objects do we have on the shelves?
objects that we do not use anymore?


How much dust accumulated on books and souvenirs that we do not even look at?
How much do we consume?
How many things do we buy that we do not even need?


What if the shelf decides to rebel against the object on top of it?

“The shelf is the constant representation of our privacy”, a space where we place our objects, useful and useless objects, does not matter, we just use it as something that can store things that belongs to us. A display of ourselves, of our lives and objects that become “parasites” of this type of furniture. The whole project is an investigation on the shelf, the single shelf which is something, usually, extremely simple, a piece of rectangular wood, metal, or whatever other material, a very simple shape that we just use for placing objects on top of it.

The arm shelf is the first one of a big machine composed by independent shelves, all with a precise function. A live organism that plays with the objects trying to get rid of them as parasites, moving them, sorting , destroying and combining them in something new, to be more precise in a new born shelf, son of the arm shelf that started the process.

In fact, we are in a society where it seems that nobody cares about what surround us, how much we consume and waste, how many useless things we buy just for the sake of buying it, without any real motivation or affection. Well, this investigation around the shelf can makes us reflect on this topic; can makes us immediately understand the problem, explaining in an effective way this idea of anti-consumerism  and temporary relationship with inanimate things. Inanimate things that somehow wants to express themselves in different ways and shapes.