Living Supports

The “Living Supports” project is born from the desire to elevate plastic waste. Two scraps, that give life to a new object, vases to be precise, that from being thrown away as garbage are reborn under a new guise, highlighting and enhancing the plastic material.

In the digital fabrication technique of 3D printing, in case the shape to be printed is particularly complex, the software will automatically generate supports. These supports are essential for the success of the print that without them would fail or would be full of flaws.

Once the print is finished, the supports are obviously removed and then thrown away with a consumption of plastic.

In combination with this production waste, present exclusively in the production process of 3D printing, I decided to add another plastic waste coming from our daily interaction with this material.

Plastic bottles, broken plastic objects, plastic food containers,  difficult elements for the environment to be disposed of, but that with this process takes on a new value, a new meaning, able to furnish our homes in an interesting, functional and eco-sustainable way. 

A vase, icon of our times, a unique project that wants to ask several questions, also trying to give answers and design solutions to what is happening around us. It brings plastic at the center of our lives, in a design process that looks both at the past and future of this material, encouraging people in not throwing away but in having a more close relationship with everything is made out of this resource, making it guiltless and disfruting its raw potential.

Galbani mascarpone box

Heineken can

0,5 l Plastic Bottle

Broken white ladle