I had this big ambition to make a chair, rather than furniture, made of light and I started questioning myself about all the aspect of it, experimenting, and I just found that this field is really broad.
But one thing in particular captured my attention. The shadow, the counter part of the light. A sort of upside-down where everything is possible. 
I decided to go more in deep asking myself, this time:

Why don’t make furniture from the shadow of real furniture?

We all know that an object can have thousand shadows, but in my process I decided to take only the shadow that comes from a light in front of the furniture, as if the object is looking itself into a mirror and asking if it could be another thing and not just a chair or a table. So, then I taped the shadow, to see what kind of shape come out and I discovered, after many attempts, that also the wall behind the object had a big part in the shape and in the process. The next step was to translate the 2D in 3D and I made it firstly in cardboard and then in MDF wood with this finishing in textured paint as if the new object was born thanks to the energy of the shadow that stimulate the wall to give birth to the new furniture.