Aluminium clusters and stems expand in the space incorporating the surroundings.

The collection including stools, frames, lights and decorative elements question the limit between natural and artificial in the domestic realm.

The unpredictability of the casting technique developed, in fact, trick the human eye, presenting a hybrid aesthetic.

On one side the material evokes a meteorite and the fascination for the unknown, on the other a scaffolding supports and suspends the different functions.


Castingland stools
Castingland mirrors f

For Envisions Invites Exhibition (Dutch Design Week 2021) we developed a collection of frames in pewter embedding the mirrors inside them like precious gems. The shapes, on the other hand, recall the splashing gesture of the casting technique.

A special thanks to Phil Verdult for his casting skills.





Project by Studio GROOVIDO together with Giorgio Gasco

StudioGroovido Castingland landscape highres 12 scaled
Castingland Stool
Castingland frames

Some pictures from Alcova 2021 exhibition during Salone del Mobile di Milano in September. 

On the bottom, instead, the installation made during Dutch Design Week 2021 for the entrance of the hotel DOMUSDELA.


Pictures from the exhibition “Envisions Invites Upcoming Talents” for Envision Designlab during Dutch Design Week 2021.