About me

Gianmaria Della Ratta, born in 1993 in Sant’Agata dei Goti (BN), is an Italian designer.

His studio was founded in 2019 after obtaining his MA in Contextual Design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (Holland), with the project “Pasta Shootah”. Currently he is still in the Netherlands, where he, daily, dedicates himself to the realization of personal projects and collaboration with various companies, where he is often called to develop innovative projects in close consultation with the various research and development departments.

Abundance of expression and conceptual complexity coexist at the same time in his objects, amalgamated by the constant search for new production processes that often result in modern and innovative technologies used to overcome the current limitations of creation. Often starting from the origins of an object, he deconstructs it, to deepen its meaning, challenging the perception of material and immaterial and questioning the very sense of functionality. Through careful, cunning and uncommon digital manipulation, he manages to achieve completely unexpected and absolutely new results that not only distinguish his style but also give objects an attractive and never seen before aesthetic.

The unusual use of latest generation software are often part of his creation process that he pushes to the limit through choices mainly related to his intuition, which lead him to solutions not necessarily related to functional, aesthetic or market needs, but that result in a constant experimental and surprising approach.

To date, his work has been shown at Rossana Orlandi’s Master Gallery, at the exhibition La Manufacture: a labour of love curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano for Lille Capital of Design 2020, Dutch Design Week 2018, 2019 and 2020, and in other exhibitions where it has received approval from the general public as well as the press, including several online sector magazines and the printed edition of Damn Magazine and in the book A LABOUR OF LOVE. He was also a finalist and won several design and abroad.



–  Owner
   Studio Gianmaria Della Ratta, Eindhoven

From Sept. 2019_ongoing

– Product Designer, Creative design consultancy, Design thinking        Rodruza_R&D department , The Zandberg, Nijmegen 


– Guest Tutor 
  Design Academy Eindhoven

Arduino Workshop, Prototyping the Electronic Body
Contextual Design / Social Design Masters


– Master’s Degree_ Contextual Design
  Design Academy Eindhoven


– Product Designer


– Bachelor’s Degree cum Laude_ Industrial and Product Design
  Seconda Università degli studi di Napoli


– Intern_Product Designer


– Grado Ingenieria en Diseno Industrial y Desarollo Del Producto 
  6 months Erasmus experience_Universidad de Malaga



– Decor in cam girls’ studio used to inform stucco wall decorations in Digital Muses Project_November 2020 

Elle Decoration Italia

– L’interior design del camming è in 8 stucchi ispirati alle stanze più intime del web_November 2020

Dezeen Live talk

– Li Edelkoort and Designers discuss space and intimacy during pandemic at DDW20_October 2020 

Il sole 24 ore

– La Dutch Design Week (virtuale) alla ricerca della “nuova intimità” post covid_October 2020


– Cover_Dutch Design Week 2020_October 2020


– a design book by Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano_September 2020 

Elle Decoration NL

– Isola Goes Digital: these are our favourite designers_June 2020 

Design Milk

– A Recap of Isola Design District’s Digitized Design Week_June 2020 

Milan Design Market

– GET THE WOW W/ Gianmaria Della Ratta_Live Interview_June 2020


– Isola Design District lancia la sua nuova piattaforma digitale_June 2020 

Isola Design District

– Pasta Shootah, An Italian Cliché Turned Into Design Furniture_June 2020 

DAMN magazine n° 74

– Printed edition October/November/December 2019

– mutatio, series of 3d-printed tableware, references evolution of ancient tool

Il sole 24 ore
– Ecco come 2600 talenti immaginano il nostro futuro: Il meglio della Dutch Design Week 2019

– Dutch Design Week 2019: Dit Moet Je Zien

Do Shop
– Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights – Furniture

– Design Academy Eindhoven’s Graduation Show 2019 Explores Man and Society’s Future

SILOUD: thinking outside of the box
– InTheDesign: Gianmaria Della Ratta, Interview

– Graduation 2019 – Challenging Tradition

– 3D printing at DDW 2019


04-13/06 2021

– Romanian Design Week 2021_Maccherone.obj

Rethinking Plastic, Strada Băiculești, 29 Boekarest, 013187 Roemenië.

02/02-01/07 2021

– YKSI EXPO 2021_Pasta Shootah project

Torenallee 22-04
(Strijp-S) 5617 BD Eindhoven

11 2021

– Special Mention_Pasta Shootah project

Guiltless Plastic Contest, Rossana Orlandi & Zara Home

17/10-25/10 2020 

– Dutch Design Week 2020_Digital Muses project in collaboration with Giorgio Gasco

  Online Exhibition 

01/10-27/11 2020

– SHOWBOX n°23 by Gianmaria Della Ratta and Giorgio Gasco_

curated by Foundation Mesh_Digital Muses project Exhibition

  Galerie Lecq, Westzeedijk 375,  Rotterdam

28/09-10/10 2020

– Rossana Orlandi, We Are Nature Exhibition, Milano Design City, “Pasta Shootah”  project

 Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, via San Vittore 21, 20123 Milano

09/09-08/11 2020

– La Manufacture: a Labour of Love, curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano, Lille Design Capital, “Pasta Shootah”  project

 Gare Saint Sauveur, 17 Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas, 59800 Lille

06/09-07/11 2020

– The Sky is Blue Exhibition curated by Florine van Rees and Jeroen Dijkstra_Spaghetti.obj and Tagliatelle.obj on show

 The d.i.r.t gallery, Lange Haven 106, Rotterdam


– Rossana Orlandi’s Master Gallery, “Pasta Shootah”  project

 Via Matteo Bandello 14, 20123 Milano 


– Online Exhibition “Isola Goes Digital” with the project  “Pasta Shootah_Il Maccherone”

Milan Design Week

– Exhibition “GS19” with the project “Pasta Shootah”, Dutch Design Week

 Campina Melkfabriek, Kanaaldijk-Zuid, 5613 LE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

– Exhibition “Totally. Tactility.” with the project “Mutatio”, Dutch Design Week
 De Bank, Wal 15 5611 GE, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


– Exhibition “Overturning Othering” with the project “Decentralising the Peace Palace”                                                                                       

De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag, The Netherlands 


– Mention for the project “In-Contro”

Contest “Waste is more”_Carrara 2 


– First prize P.R.A.M. D.A.I. for the project “Attese Sostenibili”

Contest “Design Architecture Ischia”


– Exhibition with the project “Lekanis 2.0”

Ultraceramica, people and object of the future_ ADI Campania, Naples, Italy


– Finalist with the project “Filò”

Contest “Settimana del Design Campano”, MEKA Arredamenti