Gianmaria Della Ratta Profile

Photo by Francesco Ciervo

I’m a product designer.

I infuse my designs with an identity of their own in order to communicate with my audience. I give life to inanimate objects by endowing them with the ability to express through functionality and behaviour derived from nature and the environment.

In my project “S(h)elf machine” (v 20), I addressed the issue of consumerism, how much do we really need ? A live organism, the shelf, that tries to get rid of possessions the consumer no longer cares about by pushing them off the rack.

Simplicity lies in the foundation of my thought and practice. I deconstruct complex concepts into concrete objects and then merge them into a build moulded around the initial idea. Keeping the essence of the original thought I develop the design as I work. In doing so I don’t shy away from using modern technology and crafts which enable me to push the boundaries of creation.

Gianmaria Della Ratta Sign



– Master Contextual Design
  Design Academy Eindhoven


– Product Designer


– Bachelor’s Degree cum Laude_ Industrial and Product Design
  Seconda Università degli studi di Napoli


– Intern_Product Designer


– Grado Ingenieria en Diseno Industrial y Desarollo Del Producto 
  6 months Erasmus experience_Universidad de Malaga


– Exhibition “Totally. Tactility.” with the project “Mutatio”, Dutch Design Week

De Bank, Wal 15 5611 GE, Eindhoven, The Netherlands



– Exhibition “Overturning Othering” with the project “Decentralising the Peace Palace”

De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag, The Netherlands 


– Mention for the project “In-Contro”

Contest “Waste is more”_Carrara 2 

06/ 2017

– First prize P.R.A.M. D.A.I. for the project “Attese Sostenibili”

Contest “Design Architecture Ischia”


– Exhibition with the project “Lekanis 2.0” 

Ultraceramica, people and object of the future_ ADI Campania, Naples


– Finalist with the project “Filò”

Contest “Settimana del Design Campano”